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Porsche Taycan 3D Spatial Billboard

Times Square, Penn Station NYC, Moxy LA

What does one get when take a classic brand like Porsche, mixed with that of a fantasy future? That is the question we creatively answered for Porsche’s “Form Follows Fantasy” campaign. 


Based off of the Artist, Bloo Woods original inspiration we brought the larger than life, futuristic car to massive Spatial Screens in NYC and LA.


Director: Joe Lawrence

Creative Director: Manwai Cheung

Executive Producer: Mina Muto

Producer: Iris Devins

Lead Designer: Bloo Woods

Art Direction: Bloo Woods

3D Production: Joe Lawrence, Iting Kao, Bloo Woods

My Role.

I was tasked with not only bringing Bloo's designs to life, but also to maximize the billboard's 3D spatial space. My responsibilites included direction,lighting, texturing, animation and fx. 


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