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National Geographic Earthday - Japan

It’s easy to forget how important our oceans are. Today’s oceans are the Oceans of Tomorrow. Without them, the earth can not continue. To protect our oceans, we must bring their importance into the spotlight to educate people about our connection with the Oceans, sustainability, and the marine mammals who rely on us to do our part.


For Earth Day 2023 - in collaboration with National Geographic Japan, we crafted the visual identity and promotion for this year’s “Oceans Tomorrow” campaign. Japan is an island nation, and protecting our oceans and conservation is essential for them. A primary driving factor was generating awareness and encouraging activism and what must be done.


Creative Director: Manwai Cheung

Art Direction: Akira Terabe, Joe Lawrence

Animation: Joe Lawrence, Akira Terabe

Executive Producer: Mina Muto

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