Teaser trailer for God of War Ascension

Director: Karin Fong

Executive Producer: Gabriel Marquez

Producer: Jon Hassell

Designers: Theo Daley, Grant Lau, Karin Fong, Jeremy Cox

Animators: Nate Homan, Josh Delaney

Editor: Zach Kilroy

VFX Supervisor: Jeremy Cox

Compositors: Jeremy Cox, Joe Lawrence, Daniel Pernikoff, Chase Massingill, Brian Houlihan, Adam Levine, Andrew Chung

Ash VFX: Allan Mckay

Concept Artists: Alan Williams, Max Strizich, Steven Lee, Lindsey Mayer-Beug

Matte Painter: Marco Lozzi

Color: Damien Van Der Cruyssen

Director of Photography: Trent Opaloch

2nd DP: Dallas Sterling

Line Producer: Adam Lawson

1st AD: Travis Gold

Production Designer: Bruce McCloskey

God of War Ascension Teaser (01653)
God of War Ascension Teaser (01669)
God of War Ascension Teaser (01738)
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